Superior Artistry and Strong Ethics

Our China-based footwear manufacturing partners pride themselves on premium materials, exacting craftsmanship, and a friendly and fair working environment.


    n Chinese culture, one generally doesn’t brag or boast. But spend an afternoon at our sheepskin footwear manufacturing partner’s facility in China, and it’s readily apparent that the friendly, self-effacing staff takes tremendous satisfaction in what they do. And rightly so. Sheepskin slipper and boot manufacturing is a highly specialized skill—one that takes years to master.

This workshop is bright, clean, and filled with artisans who love their craft and have longstanding relationships with Overland. In the workshop, a good number of employees work side by side with family members and friends. “The factory’s friendly,” says Liu, an expert sheepskin seamstress. “Everyone here knows each other. It’s like home.”

Authentic, natural sheepskin insoles ready for insertion into boots. Artistry and attention to detail are involved here—and every step of the way.

An artisan carefully sews the edges of a scuff. Getting the seam lines just right is an art form—one among many skills involved in crafting sheepskin slippers.

Premium Materials, Meticulous Process

Many noteworthy criteria combine to separate our Chinese footwear partners from others in the region. For starters, they work only with authentic Merino sheepskin—the softest, most luxurious shearling available. True artisans, they know the nature of sheepskin so well they’re easily able to discern which parts of the pelt are strongest and, therefore, best suited for high-stress points on a slipper.

While creating each slipper or boot, they go the extra mile to include multiple quality checks along the way. Details matter, whether sewing straight lines, ensuring complete symmetry, or color matching for an exact fit. Each slipper is hand-combed and trimmed for consistency toward the end of its creation. And rather than settling for flimsy soles, the company has developed their own, durable, scratch-resistant versions.

“Sheepskin is so much harder to work with than other materials, but this is what we do. We’re specialists in a craft that takes years to master.”


From start to finish, our skilled artisans create slippers that spare no detail for comfort and quality. Discover why our sheepskin slippers are a step above the rest.

In a world of competitive global trade, our China-based facility serves as a gold standard for expertly and responsibly made merchandise.

As we continue developing new styles in sheepskin slippers and boots, we know we can rely on our Chinese partners to provide us with nothing but the very best—in materials, craftsmanship, and ethics. It’s important to us that we not only offer sheepskin footwear that looks and feels incredible, but about which our customers can truly feel good, too.

A World of Expertise

Global Craftsmanship, American Style

An Emphasis on Quality Over Quantity

An Ancient Tradition of Artistry and Excellence

Handcrafting superb outerwear isn’t simply a day’s work for our international makers, or those here at home. It’s their passion.

Family Craftsmanship, Cutting-Edge Leathers

We travel the world to bring you the highest-quality leather and shearling available—but sometimes, the best-kept secrets are close to home.

Where Byzantine emperors and Ottoman sultans once walked, some of the world’s most skilled artisans meticulously handcraft one-of-a-kind coats and jackets today.

Blending old-world craftsmanship with innovative manufacturing techniques, our partner arrives at some of the world’s finest outerwear fashions in sheepskin and leather.


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