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Our legendary sheepskin slippers are the world’s coziest. Discover what makes them so special.

100% Genuine Sheepskin

Unlike others, all Overland slippers are made of genuine sheepskin—even the insoles—to luxuriously cushion your every step. Sheepskin has so many wonderful properties (it’s superbly soft, moisture-wicking, and naturally hypoallergenic, for starters) that nothing else will do. Other brands cut corners by gluing wool inside leather, or they’ll slip in a non-sheepskin insole, but nothing compares to the plush, cushiony feel of the real deal. Every single Overland slipper surrounds your foot in nothing but pure, authentic sheepskin.

100% Natural

Odor Resistant


Moisture Wicking

Temperature Regulating


The Merino Sheepskin Difference

Renowned as one of the finest and softest materials in the world, Merino sheepskin makes our slippers extra comfortable and cozy. This coveted sheepskin is much harder to come by, but it’s the cream of the crop. We’re proud to be one of the select few who choose Merino sheepskin for our slippers. You’ll notice the difference in look, durability, and feel with every step.

Cloudlike Cushioning

There’s a secret gem in our slippers: a long-lasting, quality midsole. It’s hidden inside and you’ll never see it, but this high-end support system includes performance components like impact-absorbing memory foam to provide cloudlike cushioning—and the ultimate in relaxation. It’s a difference you’ll feel now and for years to come.

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Find cozy slipper styles for everyone in the family. Choose from slip-on scuffs, moccasins, soft-soled booties, wide sizes, and arch-support styles.

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Love these! I wanted a hard sole so I could wear them outdoors occasionally and these are great! I can wear them without socks and step in and out of them hands free.

CJ from Boulder, Colorado


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These are the best slippers ever. I wear slippers all day, running business from our home. Very comfortable and supportive. My feet are always the right temperature, never too hot, never cold.

GD from Larkspur, Colorado


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These are the best slipper ever worn. The quality craftsmanship reflects the finest fit, warmth and most durable sole ever found on a slipper. Brilliant construction. Bravo!

James from Scottsdale, Arizona


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This is a great house shoe with a sole that grips! As I get older, having something on my feet that is going to keep me safe while I walk is key... and it is stylish and cute!

Kay from Rock Hill, South Carolina


Lighter, More Breathable, and Form-Fitting

Whereas many other brands offer only sheepskin-lined slippers (sheepskin glued inside a different leather), we’re proud to be one of the world’s only makers of true double-faced sheepskin slippers, which means the suede you see on the outside is the same sheepskin you feel on the inside. Making slippers this way takes more time, experience, and care, but the end result is a lighter, more breathable, form-fitting slipper you’ll love for years. For a more rigid construction or for outdoor use, we offer wonderful shearling-lined slipper options as well, so you can choose which is best for you.

45+ Years of Expertise

Crafting quality sheepskin slippers is a niche skill that takes years to properly master, and Overland has been offering the best since 1973. Our slipper artisans take incredible pride in expertly crafting slippers that will provide years of comfort. Not only do our slippers look and feel incredible, they’re a reflection of the skill and dedication of our talented team.

We’re so confident you’ll love our sheepskin slippers we’ve backed them with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There’s an Overland slipper for everyone. If you run cold, our cozy sheepskin booties will keep you toasty. Run hot? Try a pair of open-backed scuffs. Hard-sole moccasins are great for wearing outside, and soft-sole styles are perfect for curling up on the couch. Choose from a selection of fun colors in regular sizes, wide width, and extra arch-support options.

The art of sheepskin slipper making is a niche craft that takes years to master. Learn more about the skilled artisans who make our slippers.


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