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10 Reasons Why Every Baby Deserves a Sheepskin Rug

If you're looking for the best way to treat your baby to a peaceful nap, protected playtime, and stimulate your baby's senses, look no further than a high-quality Sheepskin Baby Rug.

  1. 1. Soft and safe playing and resting surface

    The soft, silky texture of sheepskin provides a wonderfully plush and malleable surface to let your baby explore, discover, and take a break.

  2. 2. Machine-washable

    Overland's sheepskin baby rugs are practical, durable, and can be easily machine-washed without any danger of losing their trademark softness and plush feel.

  3. 3. Environmentally friendly

    Overland's sheepskin baby rugs are natural products and environmentally friendly.

  4. 4. Naturally clean

    Thanks to its natural oils, sheepskin is dirt-repellent and water-resistant.

    Warm in winter, cool in summer
    Happy baby on a sheepskin rug
  5. 5. Hypoallergenic

    Wool does not cause allergies, ideal for babies' soft, sensitive skin.

  6. 6. Anti-bacterial

    Overland's rugs are officially Sanitized, providing lasting protection that hinders the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and dust mites.

  7. 7. Unique, multisensory environment

    Access to the plush, silky texture of high-quality sheepskin delivers invaluable sensory interaction that aids neurological development.

  8. 8. Temperature regulation

    Sheepskin's breathability naturally assists in regulating heat and moisture, keeping your baby warm and cozy when cool and comfortably dry when hot.

    Regulates moisture and repels dirt
    A happy mom and baby sitting on a sheepskin rug
  9. 9. Perfect sleeping nook

    Wool's soft and plush natural fiber helps increase total sleep time and quality.

  10. 10. Easily portable

    Sheepskin baby rugs are easy to transport from crib to playroom, to your car, or on vacation, providing a familiar environment anywhere you go.

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