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Style Your Space with Sheepskin Rugs Year Round

Interior design's comfy comeback kid is an all-season favorite.

Laid-back luxe, anyone? Sheepskin rugs lend an easygoing elegance to any room. Not just for floors, the iconic sheepskin rug can be used as a bedspread, a throw, or extra seating—indoors and out.


  1. Mix, Match, and Layer

    Sheepskin's popping up everywhere these days—from design blogs and TV sets to the pages of every home decor magazine. Popular back in the '70s, this cozy home accent has made a comeback, and it's not going anywhere. Here are a few ways to bring warmth and texture to a room year round using sheepskin.

    Breathe new life—and comfort—into hard chairs with a cushiony single pelt rug. Layer rugs on the floor to add instant depth to your space. Contrast the clean lines of contemporary sofas (like Lawsons, camelbacks, and sectionals) with a fleecy 4-pelt sheepskin rug, a plush sheepskin throw, and a soft sheepskin cushion. Mix and match wood, wicker, and metallics with sheepskin to create visual interest. Stick with a neutral color palette to lend a sense of calm, or experiment with brightly colored sheepskin rugs for a more bold, eclectic feel. A pink or red single pelt adds a splash of color to a room and makes a great conversation piece.


    My feet are in heaven!! I am absolutely loving stepping on it every morning. It is so soft and luxurious.

    five stars
    - Meg, from Rochester, NY

    Getting out of bed in the morning is hard, but soft sheepskin makes it easier. Winter through summer, it's wonderfully fluffy underfoot. That's why sheepskin baby rugs have been trending in nurseries for more than a decade now. What better surface for baby to practice those tentative first steps and tumbles?

    The chameleons of carpeting, sheepskin rugs are at home in any style of decor—from Mid-Century Modern to Shabby Chic or Traditional. They're also naturally dirt-repellent and water resistant, making them great for both indoor and outdoor use. Drape sheepskin pelts on your deck chairs for a softer sunset, and be sure to bring them camping for the most cushiony sleep possible. If you don't have sheepskin seat covers, you can throw your trusty single pelt over your car seat for a more relaxing ride. Road trip, anyone?

    When you're ready to explore nature's softest decor accent, Overland's sheepskin rugs come in a range of sizes from smaller baby rugs all the way up to larger 10-pelts. And if you're just looking for a few accents to soften your space, consider a sheepskin pillow or two, that come in a variety of shapes and shades.

    Happy decorating!

  2. Keep Your Sheepskin Shipshape

    Sheepskin is highly durable, but it does need a little TLC from time to time. Here are some pointers to help your sheepskin last a lifetime.

    See Care Guide

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