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Overland's Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers – Still the Best After 35 Years

Overland's Resident Seatcover Expert - Jerry Leahy
Jerry Leahy

Dear Customers,

I recently had an inquiry from a customer who was trading in his 1995 Lincoln Town Car for the new 2007 model and wondering if the Overland sheepskin seat covers he purchased back in 1995 would fit his new automobile. Although his seat covers were nearly 12 years old, he said they were still in excellent condition.

I was extremely satisfied to hear this news—but I wasn't surprised. Sheepskin is a remarkably resilient natural fiber and Overland's custom-made car seat covers are built to provide a lifetime of enjoyment on the road. Sheepskin's soft, durable fibers deliver year-round comfort for both drivers and passengers, and they also protect your automobile's seats, helping maintain showroom appearance for resale value.

At Overland, we're the sheepskin experts. We've been offering top-of-the-line custom sheepskin car seat covers since the early '70s, and over the years, we've received countless letters of thanks. Let our expertise and craftsmanship enhance your enjoyment of your vehicle for miles to come.

Read our useful facts, care tips, and sheepskin seat cover FAQ, and if you still have questions you'd like us to answer, we'd be happy to hear from you.


Jerry Leahy
Overland Resident Sheepskin Seat Cover Expert

Sheepskin Seat Cover History

Overland Sheepskin Searcovers Circa 1981
Overland Sheepskin Seatcovers Circa 1981

People have looked to sheepskin for warmth and comfort for centuries. One of nature's softest fibers, it's the perfect material for softening any sitting area—whether your favorite rocking chair, a stroller seat, or the seats in your automobile.

Sheepskin seat covers go back a long ways. Probably about as long as wagons and cars have been around, people have been draping sheepskin pelts over their seats to protect them and offer a comfortable ride. Fully functional sheepskin car seat covers have been popular in Europe for decades, and they really began to take off in the U.S. in the mid '70s. Ahead of the curve, we started making them at Overland in the early '70s.

Our sheepskin seat covers are machine-sewn from the highest quality pelts and feature a series of sturdy elastic straps that all fasten to a central point beneath the seat. They come with a thorough set of illustrated instructions that guide you through the installation process, every step of the way.

Since the sewing of our very first seat cover, we've used only the finest sheepskin pelts available and taken great care to produce a functionally beautiful product. Over the years, our one guiding principle has been: only offer the very best. Customers always remember and appreciate quality that out-performs their expectations.

Benefits — Why Sheepskin Seat Covers?

Soft, plush, and cushiony, sheepskin seat covers relieve pressure points on your back, neck, and legs while you're driving. You'll enjoy being on the road more than ever—particularly for long distances. Naturally thermostatic, sheepskin keeps you comfortable year round, so you can say goodbye to icy cold seats during winter and hot, sticky seats in the summer.

Moreover, sheepskin seat covers look elegant—they protect your car seats from wear and tear. A good pair of sheepskin seat covers will keep your seats looking nearly as good as when you purchased your vehicle—which is invaluable, come trade-in time.

Sheepskin Seat Covers – Cleaning & Caring

The wool fibers of sheepskin are truly amazing, because their molecular structure allows them to naturally shed dirt. It's only when you spill something sticky or oily on the covers that they actually begin to look dirty. If you need to spot-clean a spill, simply use cool water and a gentle dish detergent, such as Ivory liquid hand soap, on target areas. Allow to air dry (do NOT use any direct heat source, such as a blow-dryer). It would be good to brush the area when its dry as some matting may occur from the cleaning process.

If, after some months or years, you'd like to give your seat covers some overall sprucing up, simply remove them, give them a good shaking outside in the fresh air, and use cool water and a gentle dish detergent (such as Ivory liquid hand soap) to spot-clean any soiled areas. Let dry out of direct sunlight. After they are dry, toss your sheepskin seat covers into the dryer and set on AIR FLUFF (absolutely do NOT USE HEAT). Toss in some tennis balls or a clean sneaker or two, air fluff for 15 minutes, open the dryer and clean the filter, and then give them another 15-20 minutes on AIR FLUFF (do NOT USE HEAT). Remove from the dryer and reinstall on your car seat—your seat covers will look like new again.

We've had glowing reports from customers who have used this method. The static electricity of the dryer straightens the wool fibers and the tennis balls/clean sneakers help to beat out the embedded dust. Also, if your seats are equal, with no side impact airbag or other attachments such as integrated arm rests, we suggest switching sides when you reinstall them. This completely changes the wear pattern and extends their life a few more years.

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