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Sheepskin is a natural lambskin pelt that features leather, or sueded leather, on one side and soft, plush fur on the underside. Lightweight and luxuriously supple, sheepskin is one of nature's greatest sources of insulation. Its soft wool fibers are naturally thermostatic, wicking away moisture for year-round comfort and breathability.

When cared for properly, quality sheepskin seatcovers can be a luxurious, lifelong investment in comfort and style. Basic care rules are quite simple.
The wool fibers of sheepskin are truly amazing, because their molecular structure allows them to naturally shed dirt. It’s only when you spill something sticky or oily on the covers that they actually begin to look dirty.

If you need to spot-clean a spill, simply use cool water and a gentle dish detergent, such as Ivory liquid hand soap, on target areas. Allow to air dry (do NOT use any direct heat source, such as a blow-dryer). It would be good to brush the area when its dry as some matting may occur from the cleaning process.

If, after some months or years, you’d like to give your seat covers some overall sprucing up, simply remove them, give them a good shaking outside in the fresh air, and use cool water and a gentle dish detergent (such as Ivory liquid hand soap) to spot-clean any soiled areas. Let dry out of direct sunlight.

After they are dry, toss your sheepskin seat covers into the dryer and set on AIR FLUFF (absolutely do NOT USE HEAT). Toss in some tennis balls or a clean sneaker or two, air fluff for 15 minutes, open the dryer and clean the filter, and then give them another 15-20 minutes on AIR FLUFF (do NOT USE HEAT). Remove from the dryer and reinstall on your car seat—your seat covers will look like new again.

We’ve had glowing reports from customers who have used this method. The static electricity of the dryer straightens the wool fibers and the tennis balls/clean sneakers help to beat out the embedded dust. Also, if your seats are equal, with no side impact airbag or other attachments such as integrated arm rests, we suggest switching sides when you reinstall them. This completely changes the wear pattern and extends their life a few more years.

Sheepskin Seat Cover FAQ
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For more information on sheepskin seatcovers, see our Sheepskin Seatcovers F.A.Q. and Sheepskin Seatcovers Info pages.

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