Welcome to the Overland Family

Our Story


In 1973 my brother, Jim Leahy, arrived in Taos, New Mexico with a bale of sheepskins, a sewing machine, and a notion that if you did something right the rest would take care of itself.

He set up the first Overland store - a humble adobe shop between the rugged Sangre de Cristo range and the Rio Grande Valley, where sheepskin had long been revered for its luxurious warmth.


Word quickly spread about the quality and craftsmanship of Overland's products. Soon it was impossible for Jim to keep up with the growing demand, so he invited fellow Taos craftspeople and artisans to work with him. My father, mother, wife, and children all joined Jim to help him run the business.


As Overland Sheepskin Co.'s reputation for excellence continued to grow, the store soon expanded into the current shop north of Taos at the foot of Taos Mountain. We released our first catalog in 1975 with many more to follow.

1976 - 2015

Our friends and family modeled for us when they weren't helping with the store or crafting coats, hats, and gloves.

We opened stores in travel destinations across the American West. Picking each location ourselves, always looking for authentic places with thriving local communities and beautiful natural surroundings.


45 years, 15 new stores, and one thriving web business later, Overland continues to flourish. Our product line has grown from a handful of sheepskin coats to over 1,000 styles of quality sheepskin, leather, and fur products all with the Overland stamp of excellence.

Leahy Family
Overland Management Team

Our small family-shop atmosphere will always remain the background of our business. We are pleased to offer quality, lasting products, in timeless designs and sustainable materials, with exceptional personalized service.


Our Stores

Taos, NM

1405 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte
(888) 754-8352

Park City, UT

545B Main Street
(888) 604-8204

Santa Fe, NM

74 East San Francisco Street
(888) 349-4234


1202 1st Street
(888) 754-8343

Telluride, CO

100 West Colorado Avenue
Unit A
(877) 789-0004

Yountville, CA

6505 Washington Street
(888) 754-8342

Durango, CO

546 Main Avenue
(888) 754-8345

Fort Worth, TX

115 West 2nd Street
(888) 604-8342

Denver, CO

1512 Larimer Street
(888) 840-7611

Omaha, NE

1011 Howard Street
(888) 840-7868

Breckenridge, CO

100 South Main Street
(888) 604-8201

Fairfield, IA

2096 Nutmeg Avenue
(800) 881-9130

Steamboat Springs, CO

612 Lincoln Avenue
(888) 600-4222

Lake Geneva, WI

752 Main Street
(866) 779-2077

Jackson Hole, WY

86 East Broadway
(888) 652-8037

Chicago, IL

500 North Michigan Ave.
(888) 754-8346