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Guide to Size Measurements


To get the right size, measure carefully and update your measurements regularly. It is appropriate to have your measurements taken wearing a light t-shirt or undergarment, but not a bulky sweatshirt or coat.

What You Need

  • A tape measure (in inches)
  • If you do not have a tape measure available you can also use a string and a ruler.

For ease and accuracy, have a friend help you take your measurements.

  • As you measure, make sure the tape stays level and is not wrapped too tight.
  • Write down each measurement as you take it so you don't forget.
  • Make a chart of your measurements and keep it handy when you order clothing to be sure you're getting the right size.

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How to Measure COAT SIZE

Under your arms, measure circumference around greatest fullness.
Bend sideways to locate your natural waistline. Standing upright, wrap the tape loosely around your waist to measure.
Measure the circumference around the hips through your fullest part.
Cross Shoulder
Measure a straight line across your back from shoulder to shoulder.
Sleeve Length
Placing the end of the tape measure at the back base of your neck, run the tape along your shoulder and down your arm to the fleshy part of your palm.

How to Measure HAT SIZE

Measure your Head
How to Measure Your Hat Size

Place the tape measure across the middle of your forehead and measure all
the way around your head. Position the tape 1/8" above the top of your ear.

The idea is to try to measure your head exactly where your hat will be worn.

How to Measure Glove SIZE

How to Measure Your Glove Size

Measure the distance around your hand just below the knuckles. Measure your right hand if you're right-handed, your left if you're left-handed.

Understanding Boot Measurements

Shaft Height
Measured from the top of the heel to the tallest edge of the shaft.
Heel Height
Measured vertically from top to bottom at the tallest part of the heel, from the outsole of the footbed to the sole.
Calf Circumference
The measurement around the upper part of the shaft that corresponds with the fullest part of the calf.
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