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The B-3 Bomber Jacket: An American Icon

Decade after decade, the B-3 Bomber Jacket remains an undisputed icon of American fashion and style. Both practical and durable, this shearling sheepskin workhorse earned its wings protecting the brave airmen who paved the way for the liberation of Europe during WWII.

Man in Bomber Jacket with small airplane

As the Allied crews of WWII flew punishing 8-9 hour missions over Europe, it was essential to retain body heat in the cold, unpressurized cabins at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet.

It was during this era that sheepskin made its fateful appearance and the B-3 Bomber Jacket earned its place in aviation history. No man-made material could master such inhospitable temperatures over a sustained period and allow the crewmen to perform their critical duties.

WWII Bomber Pilots

World War 2 pilots wearing Bomber Jackets

The crimp of sheep’s wool creates insulating air spaces, naturally both retaining heat and wicking away excess moisture. This protection and comfort was essential to bomber crews, who relied on their B-3 bomber jackets as much for their soft and insulating interiors as much as their rugged and tough exteriors. Even today, high-tech synthetic fibers struggle to provide the same incredible warmth and soft-as-butter comfort that sheepskin jackets naturally offer.

The B-3 Bomber Jacket perfectly reflects that ethos of bravery and determination that saw the United States help liberate an entire continent. Whether through high altitudes, wet snow, strong winds, light rains or blizzard conditions, the high-quality heft of the B-3's sheepskin insulates the wearer from heat loss in a wide range of high-impact activities as well as during cool, leisurely days.

Four Advantages of Sheepskin

1. Water Resistant. Sheepskin is naturally water resistant. Wool fibers possess sturdy, water-repellant layers that protect the fiber's core against moisture. The core of each wool fiber can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture vapor without getting damp.

2. Moisture Wicking. Aside from repelling external moisture, sheepskin wicks perspiration away from your skin, effortlessly keeping you warm and dry in a wide variety of climates.

Customer Favorites

3. Multi-Climate Comfort. Sheepskin is renowned for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which keep the body temperature regulated regardless of temperature fluctuations in the environment.

4. Ultra-Durable. Though sheepskin coats tend to cost more than your average leather or fabric coat, they more than make up for the difference with their increased durability. When sheepskin coats are properly cared for, they can last for decades.

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