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Overland’s Pet Llamas

The Leahy Family, pioneers of the Overland Sheepskin Co.,consider a fleet of nearly 200 llamas to be their beloved pets. Approximately 15 years ago, Mea Lama (sister of co-owner Roger Leahy) attended an exotic animal auction a quarter of a mile west of the Overland headquarters in Fairfield, Iowa. With the intention ...

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October 2011 Des Moines Shoot: Behind the Scenes

6:49 a.m. After waking up at 5:30, I head down to the hotel lobby to meet with Candy, the master organizer of all things web photo department. We drive her minivan, packed with tons of gorgeous Overland coats, shoot supplies (clips, lint rollers, bobby pins, reflectors) and sustenance (fruit, water, ...

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