Pucci Gives Our Landon Leather Bomber Jacket Two Thumbs-Up!

Out in Los Angeles, we caught up with our friend Lou Taylor Pucci, star of the newly released Evil Dead movie, pictured at left wearing Overland’s very own Landon Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket.

Pucci was born and raised in New Jersey and was headed home to see Evil Dead with his family and friends. The 1981 cult classic remake was shot in New Zealand.

“The weather in New Zealand was amazing!” Pucci told us. “But it was chilly in the mornings, and now I wish I’d had the Landon jacket with me. Would be great for Spring weather in L.A. and Jersey too.”

We drew parallels to Marlon Brando’s famous leather-jacketed look in The Wild One.


“Yeah, that’s a man that could rock a leather jacket. Then again, that guy could do whatever he wanted.”

We asked Lou to explain Brando in three words. His response: “Magnetic, magnetic, magnetic.”

Is that how our jacket makes you feel?

“Haha – not exactly,” Pucci laughs, “I think that’s my job, not the jacket’s.”

Audiences nationwide agree, with Evil Dead filling the #1 spot at the box office this past weekend. Still, we do think he looks extra dashing in the Landon —wouldn’t you agree?










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