Pilot’s Choice

“I know this may sound cliche, but my first word as a baby was ‘plane’,” Gabe told us as he tried on our Men’s B-3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket.

Gabe Hougher, a corporate pilot residing in Southern Iowa, came into the Overland Headquarters to test drive our bomber jackets. He has been flying since he was 15 years old and flies an average of 3 days per week on his plane of choice, the Cessna Citation 550 Jet.

“Even modern day private jets get cold at 45,000ft with the outside temperature at -50C. Plus, the avionics cooling fans blow directly into the cockpit,” Gabe explained.

Needless to say, both the warmth and comfort of the coat are critical. After trying on our B-3 Bomber, of WWII fame, Gabe tried on the Charles Shearling Sheepskin Bomber Jacket. He said he’d wear both, but the Charles is better suited for him.

“It’s a tight fit in the cockpit. I need something that’s insulated and fits close to my body. Also, the dark sheepskin won’t show grease or dirt. I love it.”

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