Pay It Forward

“It was bitter cold when I first moved to Iowa. I needed a warm, formal coat that went past my suit jacket—if it didn’t, I would have looked ridiculous, you know?” Steven Winn, co-owner of Seminar Crowds, Inc., says with a chuckle.

Steven experienced his first Iowa winter in 1985 after moving from Santa Barbara, California to help launch one of the country’s most successful infomercial companies.

“My business became a success quickly and I wanted to treat myself. I went to Overland and found the perfect coat. It was sheepskin, 3/4 length, with a hood. I got a hat to match! The hat—a Russian type deal—lasted me 15 years. The coat lasted me 25 years until I gave it away 3 years ago. It still looked new.”

Why did Steven give his coat away?

“I had a mid-life crisis [laughs] and decided to go back to school to complete a Masters Degree. One of my classmates didn’t have any winter weather clothes. I loved the coat, but he needed it more, so I gave it to him. And went out and bought a new one for myself, of course!”

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