Overland’s Pet Llamas

The Leahy Family, pioneers of the Overland Sheepskin Co.,consider a fleet of nearly 200 llamas to be their beloved pets.

Approximately 15 years ago, Mea Lama (sister of co-owner Roger Leahy) attended an exotic animal auction a quarter of a mile west of the Overland headquarters in Fairfield, Iowa. With the intention of breeding and selling them, Mea started purchasing registered, award-winning llamas. Soon after purchasing the breeding stock, Mea decided not to sell her llamas. Marge and Jerry, Roger and Mea’s parents, eventually took over the responsibility for the herd and formed the Llama Bliss Ranch, which sits today directly behind the Overland headquarters, next to the Leahys’ farmhouse. Currently, Jerry acts as the main caretaker.

Llamas originate from the Andes Mountains in South
America, primarily from the countries of Chili and Peru. They are in the same general family as camels. Llamas mainly eat grass and hay, and also sometimes get supplement feed of grain pellets.

The llamas are not for sale, as the Leahys are quite attached
to the animals; every llama has a name and unique personality. Anyone passing through Fairfield is welcome to stop by the Llama Bliss Ranch to meet the herd!

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