Overland’s First Taste of Fame

Jim Leahy, founder of Overland Sheepskin Co., got an early break for his new business  in 1975 when he was invited to the set of the western “Bite the Bullet,” which was being filmed nearby in Chama, New Mexico. The first Overland store was established in Taos, a little over 100 miles from Chama. The movie starred Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen, and James Coburn. It was nominated for 2 Academy Awards that same year. Jim ended up making custom sheepskin coats for the stars and much of the cast and crew. Since then Overland has been fortunate to have many celebrities among their satisfied customers.


Photo 1: Gene and James wearing Overland Sheepskin Co. coats.

Photo 2: Movie Poster for “Bite the Bullet”

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